Citywide Strategy

The Capital Plan is one of the cornerstones of San Francisco’s commitment to long-term planning and responsible stewardship of public dollars. 

The Plan connects directly with the City’s overarching strategic aims. In 2016 as part of the City’s Five-Year Financial Plan, the Mayor’s Office published the Citywide Strategic Initiatives Framework, which presents a set of shared values and vision built upon the Departmental Strategic Plans from across the City administration.

Our Values

The Citywide Strategic Initiatives Framework defines our City values—what we stand for. These values guide how we operate and conduct our service to the public. 

Equity. Our services reflect the value that each person deserves an opportunity to thrive in a diverse and inclusive city. 

Collaboration. We are stronger when we work together. We serve through consensus building and cooperation across all sectors. 

Community. The needs of an engaged and empowered community drive our service and we support participation and democracy for all. 

Compassion. Our service is grounded in respect, dignity, embracing diversity, care, empathy and inclusion. 

Service Excellence. We work to continuously improve services that are high quality, innovative and informed by what works. 

Responsibility & Integrity. We are stewards of the public’s dollars. We make responsible decisions to ensure the long-term success for our City and residents. 

Accountability and Transparency. We hold ourselves accountable based on outcomes and believe that transparency fosters public trust. 

The vision from the Citywide Strategic Initiatives Framework articulates a five-part call to action to unify the diverse work of City departments towards a common direction for the City. (1) Residents and families who thrive. (2) Clean, safe, and livable communities. (3) A diverse, equitable, and inclusive City. (4) Excellent City services. (5) A City and region prepared for the future. This is the City San Francisco wants to be. The City’s facilities and infrastructure are essential components of this vision, and the Capital Plan helps lay the financial groundwork so that our plans can be realized.

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