Emerging Projects

Project Name


DPH – ZSFG Remaining Brick Buildings Seismic Upgrade

The Department of Public Health continues to own seismically-deficient buildings, with no identified funding to retrofit. These include Buildings 1, 10, 20, 30, 40 and 100.

DPH – DPH Clinics Patient Renewal and Upgrade Program

There are long outstanding needs at neighborhood clinics not covered by the 2016 Public Health and Safety G.O. bond, including exam room reconfiguration, renewal of interiors, renovation of nursing stations, and exterior work.

DPH – DPH Clinics Security Improvements

Security improvements are required at several neighborhood clinics, including security cameras, IT improvements, and monitoring capabilities. The total project scope and cost have not yet been defined.

HSA – 170 Otis Street Seismic Upgrade

Built in 1978, 170 Otis St. houses HSA executive offices and program administration. Addressing the building’s seismic deficiencies, which is possible for the basement and the ground floor only, is estimated to cost $3.3 million, but no funding source has been identified.

HSA – 170 Otis Street Tenant Improvements

HSA needs to remodel certain floors of 170 Otis Street in order to accommodate increases in staff and changes in job functions. The remodel would include new cubicles to increase capacity, demolition of existing walls, construction of new walls as needed, and any related subsystem renewals. The goal is to reduce energy and water use, increase capacity, and improve functionality of the space.

HSA – Office Space Reconfiguration Planning

HSA is currently undertaking a study to look at its existing and future uses and staffing levels for the purposes of maximizing efficiency of space use, streamlining and consolidating operations, preparing for projected increase in clients, and coordinating its facility layout with its changing business practices.



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