Emerging Projects

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SFMTA – Line Extension Projects 

In addition to the renewal and enhancement programs, emerging needs at the SFMTA include the Geary and Geneva-Harney BRT projects, the T-Third line extension to Fisherman’s Wharf, the F-Line Extension to the Fort Mason Center, and major upgrades to the M-Ocean View line, as well as planning for sea level rise and increasing rail capacity. 

SFCTA – I-280 Interchange Improvements at Balboa Park 

Recommendations from the Balboa Park Station Area Circulation Study, adopted by the SFCTA in June 2014, include realignment of the southbound off-ramp from I-280 to Ocean Avenue (Element 1) and closure of the northbound on-ramp from Geneva Avenue (Element 2). Both provide extensive pedestrian and safety benefits while minimizing traffic impacts to I-280 and the surrounding areas. The ramp closure analysis for Element 1 is planned for completion in December 2016. Caltrans documentation and environmental clearance for Element 2 is scheduled for completion in March 2017. The rough order of magnitude estimate for planning, design, and implementation is up to $5.2 million for Element 1 and up to $7.3 million for Element 2. 

Caltrain – Second Phase of Caltrain Electrification 

Caltrain’s 2015 SRTP Plan also contemplates a second “phase” PCEP that includes the full conversion of Caltrain’s fleet to Electric Multiple Units, the extension of trains from six to eight cars, and modification of station platforms to accommodate longer trains and support level boarding. This project is currently estimated at approximately $474 million in the SRTP. This second phase of electrification also contemplates the modification of Caltrain’s platforms to achieve level boarding across all of its stations. Technical discussions related to this issue are ongoing and the cost of achieving level boarding is not currently captured in the total shown. 

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