Deferred Projects

Project Name 


FIR – Bureau of Equipment Relocation 

The SFFD Bureau of Equipment is the site of maintenance and repair for all of the Department's equipment and apparatus, among other essential functions. The current facility is undersized and seismically unsafe, but has been designated historical, limiting the nature of repairs and modifications that can be made. SFFD has identified a need for a new Bureau of Equipment facility to meet its current needs and improve efficiency of operations. 

The estimated budget for this relocation project is $60 million. 

SHF – Alternate Programs Facility 

To centralize and streamline operations of the Sheriff’s Department’s many service programs for justice-involved people, expand the Women’s Resource Center located at 930 Bryant Street from 6,000 square feet to 20,500 square feet. 

The recently completed Sheriff’s Department Facility Assessment recommends such a facility and estimates a total project cost of $14 million. 

SHF – County Jail #5 (1 Moreland Drive) Facilities and Grounds 

The County Jail #5 campus located in San Mateo County has many areas of need. The roads are deteriorating; the fences are failing; the trees are overgrowing the site; and drainage of the watershed needs annual maintenance. The piping from the old irrigation tank is unmapped and deteriorating at a rapid pace. This City asset needs to be reviewed for actionable work scopes to ensure that the site remains secure, fire-resistant, and passable. 

The estimated need for this project over the ten years of the Capital Plan is $1.6 million. 


County Jail #5 in San Bruno
County Jail #5 in San Bruno


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